Book Club Course Description



    What is the goal of book club?

     The goal of the book club is to have open discussions of books.  Students will have an opportunity to show their love of reading through discussion.  In order to have a strong discussion, students will be asked to come prepared to share their thoughts, reflections, ideas, feelings, and impressions of what they read.  It is our hope that students will learn from each other and have an opportunity to think deeply and analytically about a variety of books. 



    How does the book club work?

     Book Club is a student-directed approach to discussing books.  Each week, students                                          will be asked to prepare for the book club discussion in 3 ways:

1) Read the assigned portions.

2) Mark portions of the text that will spark meaningful

discussion about different aspects of the books.

 3) Use the marked pages to journal their reactions and



This advanced preparation will be a springboard for discussion.  Students will not just share what they learned about the reading, but they will also listen to others and respond to their ideas.  The Book Club is designed to reinforce the importance of being an active reader and listener, as well as to instill the importance of thinking critically about what students read.


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